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Principal’s Welcome

Dear parents,
 Welcome to Vinayak International SCHOOL.Choosing the right school for your child is a difficult decision for every parent. Starting school is an exciting and important time for every child and their parents. VINAYAK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL wants to make this moment a happy, successful,and memorable experience.
 At VIS we are committed to provide the best possible education and grooming for your child. We have an establish reputation for providing high standards and expectations within a well ordered and caring environment. Our aim is to encourage pupil to achieve their best and to lay the foundation in which their future learning is built.
We aim to develop a strong partnership with parents as we feel that if we are working towards a common goal, this will help each child to achieve their best.
Dr. XXXX, Principal

VIS is situated  at, Chomu, Jaipur, in a modern, airy & spacious building and equipped with lush green campus, smart class room, modern labs, auditorium, swimming pool, skating court and has another various facilities.

Our Commitment :

Institution with strong commitments builds a strong society. Our commitment implies.

Sense of duty
Yet, most of parents and students remain unaware of such ways of education created specially for them is the Vinayak International School.

Our Educational Vision:

VIS’s vision is as per the oriental saying.
“Where the vision is one year; cultivate flowers.
Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees.
Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people.”


 The bonding of students and teachers is based on trust and mutual understanding. A strong bond of student with teacher is there to foster positive and constructive attitude. The staff in VINAYAK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL feels honoured to be the part of their students lives. The teachers in VIS are well qualified, experienced,and committed to their duties. The teachers share the development of the student with their parents regularly.


In VINAYAK INTERNATIONAL School we are assessing the child not on his academic performance but we are focusing on the overall development of the child and encourages the student to excel in every field like in sports, cultural, elocution, dance and as well as  in academic performance.  

Teaching Aids:

Teacher with the help of smart class,  charts,drawings, audio- visual system, and computers,explain the students  the concepts in theoretical learning, these sensory objects make students and their minds  activated hence,  helping them in deep understanding.

Parent Teacher Interaction:

  Parent Teacher interaction is a positive communication between parents and teachers. Our school believes that parentteacher contact is necessary to achieve educational goals at schools.The interaction between the two is facilitated through open meetings at regular intervals. 

Overview of the School

Lush Green Campus  
An Environment where Learning is Fun
Committed, Caring & Professional Teaches
Spacious & Airy Classrooms with close circuit camera
Activity Halls

Transport Available
Computer Lab
Science Lab
Swimming Pool
Play Ground & Sports Facilities to Encourage Skill, Teamwork & Sportsmanship
Field Trips
Audio-Visual Hall
Educational Tours & Picnics
Counselling & Career Guidance Cell
Student Resource Centre